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Manoel de Oliveira. France / Portugal 1999.

Other Titles:
A PRINCESA DE CLÈVES [Portugal, 1998 working title],
LA PRINCESSE DE CLÈVES [France, 1998, working title]

First Release: 24/09/1999 (Portugal)

Production: Paulo Branco
Production Company: Madragoa Filmes (Portugal), Gemini Films (France), Wanda Films (Espagne)
Distribution: Gemini Films

Screenplay: Manoel de Oliveira
Based on:  Madame de La Fayette: »La Princesse de Clèves« (Paris: C. Barbin 1678)
Adaption: Manoel de Oliveira, Jacques Parsi
Dialogues: Manoel de Oliveira

Music: Pedro Abrunhosa, Franz Schubert (from »Drei Klavierstücke D946: 1. Allegro assai«)
Cinematography: Emmanuel Machuel
Film Editing: Valérie Loiseleux
Set Decoration: Ana Vaz da Silva
Costumes: Judy Shrewsbury

Chiara Mastroianni (Mme de Clèves),
Pedro Abrunhosa (Pedro Abrunhosa),
Antoine Chappey (M. de Clèves),
Leonor Silveira (La religieuse),
Franēoise Fabian (Mme de Chartres),
Maria Joćo Pires (Maria Joćo Pires),
Anny Romand (Mme de Silva),
Luis Miguel Cintra (M. Da Silva),
Stanislas Merhar ( Guise),
Ricardo Trêpa (Intrus),
Claude Lévèque (Le médecin de Mme de Chartres),
Alain Guillo (Le directeur de Joaillerie),
Jean-Loup Wolff (Le médecin de l'hôpital),
Alexandre Manaia (Musicien Abrunhosa),
Marcel Terroux (Le Jardinier),
Claude Sempere (Voix Off Présentateur TV)


    After a first heart-breaking experience, Mademoiselle de Chartres is introduced to a widely reputed doctor, Jacques de Clève. The young girl agrees to marry him, although she feels no passion. This passion will be aimed at a young and fashionable singer. The young girl wishes to be faithful to her husband. But she is more and more under pressure due to her feelings for the singer, who tempts her to live out this passion. Mme de Clèves decides to confide the secret of her love to her husband so that he may help her in this dilemma.
    But her husband becomes desperate and dies shortly after. Now a widow, Mme de Clèves will not marry the singer: she has lost once in the game of love and is afraid of losing once again with a man who is so sought after by women. Without telling anyone, Mme de Clèves disappears